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Islamic Studies Quiz- Grade 3

Read and answer all questions. Total pts ( /16)

1. A Muslim prays ______ times daily.(1pt)

2. List the names of all the prayers.(5pts)

3. It is mid-afternoon and it is time for Isa to pray.What prayer is he going to make
and how many Rak'ahs?(2pts)

4. After what prayer can we see the twilight ?(1pt)

5. What does one say to begin the prayer ? (1pt)

6. It is 5:00am and the Adhan has been called.What is going to made and how many

7. While in sujood what parts of your body must touch the ground? (4pts)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Language Exam grade 1

End of Year Examination
June 2010

Read and follow ALL instructions carefully .Be sure to answer ALL questions.

A. Circle each word that names a thing .6pts (each word should be accompanied with pictures)

rock cat spoon park

girl school worker book

shop lion car banana

B. Match two words together to make a compound word .8pts

1. break thing

2. chalk ball

3. rain fast

4. air book

5. pan board

6. any drop

7. basket plane

8. work cake

C. Use the words below to write an asking sentence or question. 5pts

1. shirt Where my is


2. May some I cookies have


3. use your I Can pencil


4. rain it today Will


5. my doll Who has


D. Underline the adjective or word that describes the naming word in each sentence

1. I am wearing a red dress.
2. The baby is pretty..
3. The ant is small .
4. The blue lake is near..
5. The sun is yellow .
6. The four children are playing.

E. Write the opposites for each of the following words .6pts

1. filthy ___________ 2. slow _________

3. up __________ 4. huge _________

5. day __________ 6. back __________

F. Circle the word that tells where the noun or naming word is .5pts

1. The book is under the chair.

2. Tom put the pot on the stove.

3. The frog jumped out the window.

4. The chair is behind the desk.

5. I saw the snail under the shell.

G. Write the word that tells about the past and present on the lines provided. 6pts

Now Past

1. calls ______________

2. ____________ shouted

3. sews ______________

4. laughs ______________

5. ____________ jumped

6. talks ______________

Vocabulary Section

H. Complete the sentences using one of the words below.10pts

Holiday morning picnic basket

Dolphin baker family clock pitcher battery

1. A smart animal that lives in the sea is a ______________.

2. ______________ is the beginning part of the day.

3.We use a ______________ to carry things in , like food.

4. A special time when people do not got to work or school is called a _____________.

5. A group of related people is called a _____________.

6. You can tell the time by using a _______________.

7. A ______________ is a meal that you eat outside.

8. A big cup with a handle used to store a lot of liquid is called a ____________.

9. I give energy to a machine so that it can work . I am a ______________.

10. I make cookies and bread I am a ______________.

I. Unscramble the words below .6pts

1. rteha 4. eap

2. tpocumre 5. enni

3. tlbote 6. atsurdya

Comprehension exam

End of Term Examination
December 2010

Read and answer ALL questions. Total points ( )

Read the story below and answer the questions that follow .


There was an old Makkan woman who hated the prophet. Every morning when
he passed by her house , she would empty a basket of rubbish on his head from the upper story of her house. He never grumbled or said anything to her. One day she was
ill and in bed when he passed that way . Surprised that no rubbish had been emptied
on his head , he thought , “ she must be ill ,” and went upstairs to inquire how she was. The woman was very frightened. She thought he had come to quarrel with her . When he said he had come to inquire after her health , she began to cry . “What a good man you are,” she sobbed. “ I ill-treated you and you inquire after my health . Teach me your religion .Teach me your way of life.”

A. Multiple choice : Circle one letter next to the correct answer. ( 7pts)

1.What can be another title for this story?
a. Bad is Good
b. The good man
c. The rubbish

2. The old lady was frightened because:
a. she was sick .
b. she thought the prophet would beat her.
c. she thought the prophet would quarrel with her.

3. What word in the story means to 'treat someone badly'
a. inquire
b. health
c. ill-treat

4. What does the word 'inquire' mean in this story?
a. To ask about someone
b. To talk about someone
c. To write about someone

5. Why did the woman stop throwing rubbish on the prophet?
a. She was tired of throwing rubbish.
b. She became sick.
c. She did not have any more rubbish to throw.

6. In the end the old woman thought the prophet was :
a. a terrible man
b. a genius
c. a good man

7. We learned from the prophet :
a. to treat people badly when they are mean to you.
b. to treat people kindly even when they are mean to you .
c. that being mean to people is good.

B. Short answers.

1. What does the word ' rubbish ' mean in this story? (1pt)

2. How did the old woman feel about the prophet? (1pt)

3. What time of day did the old woman throw rubbish on the prophet? (1pt)

4. What does the word 'quarrel ' mean in this story? (1pt)

5. Do you think the old lady became a muslim in the end? (1pt)

6. What did the prophet do when the old lady threw rubbish on him ?

Exam time , crunch time!!

I have been homeschooling for about three years now and every day is a learning
experience.WITh the help of text books , teacher friends , and information available on the internet ; I have found my job as a homeschool teacher and parent not to tasking. However, it does seem weird that i as the teacher and parent have to teach the lesson , give the homework , help with the homework , and grade the homework. I laugh at the oddity of this each time.

One thing that I am not clear on is making up exams. I am inclined to believe that this requires special skills and or techniques.Though I do the best I can , sometimes I feel as if I may be placing my Child/student at a disadvantage. I wonder if the exam is too easy, is it challenging enough . My goal is to get my Child/student thinking out of the box, or am I expecting too much from a second grader.Feel free to critique, as any help or advice will be duly noted.

Writing exam grade 2

End of Term Examination
December 2010

Name :_________________________ Date:________________________

Read and follow the instructions carefully.

Write at least 10 sentences to complete the sentence .

If I was a bird ….......

Science exam grade 2

End of Term Examination
December 2010

Name:________________________ Date:________________________

Read and answer ALL questions.

Name the four land habitats. ( 4pts)

Use the words in the box to complete the sentences. (5pts)

drought recycle tundra oceanographer camoflauge

1. You can _______________ an empty cup to plant a flower in .

2. A _________________ is when it doesn't rain and the land becomes dry.

3. __________________ is the way an animal looks to help it hide.

4. This habitat is cold with lots of snow .___________________

5. A person who studies the ocean is called an ____________________.

Draw and label an example of a food chain .(3pts)

Fill in the blanks .

1. Animals use plants for _________________ and ______________.(2pts)

2. An animal that estivates sleeps during the _________________. (1pt)

3. Give an example for each water habitat :(2pts)

freshwater ___________________ saltwater ________________

4. Name three things that can pollute the earth . (3pts)

____________________ __________________ _________________

5. How can people help to keep the environment clean .(2pts)


6. How do people use soil? (2pts)


7. Trash in water or on the ground is _________________. (1pt)

8. What will happen to the fish if someone threw lot of oil and trash in a pond. (2pts)



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